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Lifting Equipment Inspection

The LOLER, Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, place a requirement on employers to ensure that lifting equipment is inspected on an annual basis. Unless it is used for lifting people in which case the thorough inspection needs to be completed every six months.

Additionally, the accessories used for lifting such as strops, slings, chains, hooks and lifting eyes must be thoroughly inspected every six month regardless of if they are to be used for lifting people or purely materials. This is because the lifting accessories are far more likely to be damaged in daily operation than the actual lifting plant and equipment.

DeltaSpec offer Thorough Examinations of Lifting Equipment and can produce a database of all in date serviceable equipment which can then be colour coded as fit for use. All our technicians are LEEA or NSL qualified Inspectors.

DeltaSpec offer a range of Thorough Examinations which include: